9 Ways to Humanize Your Outreach and
Triple Your Replies

The pressure on outbound is bigger than ever. That’s why we partnered with 30 Minutes to President's Club to create an actionable guide to mastering cold outreach.

While prospects delete thousands of cold emails daily, your outreach can stand out

With automated emails and AI-based pseudo-personalizations, you have one choice to cut through the noise: lean into the things that only a human can do. In this guide, Armand and Nick from 30MPC share their expert tips on crafting cold emails that truly resonate.

What’s inside

Go places only humans can go: cold email tricks that will keep your prospects hooked.

Write in a way that HAS to be human: offbeat hacks that will make your outreach stand out.

Put a human face to the name: channels and formats to give your outreach an extra boost.

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