Human-to-Human Ads for Sales Teams

Humanize Outreach,
Maximize Results

Extend Your Sequences into Ads and Increase
Prospecting Conversions 2-4x

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DIY Ads.
No need to talk to the
marketing teams.

The technology is powered by Influ2 and has earned the trust of Capgemini, Chargebee, Hexaware, and hundreds of other customers

Email is oversaturated for outreach. Ads are not

Advertise to the exact people you have in your sequences

Just as you send emails to a prospect's inbox, we will deliver your ad to their social media feed. Ads can target pain points or introduce you to the prospect. The sky's the limit.

Get contact-level intent for each target prospect

Every time one of your prospects clicks on your ad, we will notify you. Use these insights to determine what resonates with each prospect and craft relevant follow-ups.

Track the influence of your efforts on booked meetings

With Supercadance's intuitive reporting, you can track how many prospects were influenced by ads and how many meetings with them you were able to book.


9 ways to humanize your outreach

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We compared the conversion rates of prospects from cold buying groups to those who saw ads. Here are the results

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