Billing and Refund Policy

Version 1.0 as of Jan 1, 2024

This billing and refund policy (the “Policy”) explains how Supercadence users will be billed, how they can manage their subscriptions, and what refund rights they have. The Policy is integral to the Supercadence Terms of Service (the “Contract”) and supplements it as follows. The Policy operates the same terms and definitions as the Contract does. The Effective Date hereof shall be the first date when either the Client accepts the Contract through the Website, or the Client and Supercadence enter into the respective Order Form (if any).


  1. Subscription. Supercadence offers the subscription-based Platform, which allows clients to target advertising campaigns to their Prospects. To enjoy the Platform, the Client may use the Professional, Enterprise, or another then-current type of Subscription offered by Supercadence. Each type of the Subscriptions provides various benefits and has different prices. Since the Enterprise Subscription anticipates different levels of commitment, its terms are exclusively governed by the Order and out of the scope hereof, until otherwise is specified in the Order.
  2. Scope and Price. All prices and terms of Subscriptions are available on the Website/Platform, in the Client’s account, and in the Order (if any). Unless otherwise is specified in the certain Subscription terms or the Order, the price for targeting 1 Super Prospect (within 30 days upon the first advertising impression is served) is 5 USD;
  3. Management. The Client manages its Subscription and advertising campaigns as well as orders additional Services through its account on the Platform.
  4. Billing. The Clients are billed on a 30-day basis according to the number of Super Prospects (up to 39 Super Prospects within 30 days) or upon their advertisements reaching 40 Super Prospects according to the respective Subscription plan, whichever comes first. Until the respective Subscription plan specifies otherwise, the following terms define the Super Prospect:
    • The Prospect who has seen advertising material(s) at least 15 times in total (15 advertising impressions) or has clicked on the advertisement at least once within 30 days;
    • If the same Prospect is targeted with the advertising campaign during the next 30 days and it retains the signs of the Super Prospect, that Prospect will be billed in the next billing period as well.
  5. Ads Serving. The Client is the very person who sets up and starts advertising campaigns via Supercadence. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to control the campaigns and manage their duration, coverage, and content used therein. Even though the Prospect reaches a certain level of engagement, it will be delivered with advertising materials until the Client stops/changes a respective advertising campaign, or Supercadence suspends the advertising campaign(s) due to the Contract violation on the Client’s end.
  6. Subscription Cancelation. The Client may cancel the Subscription upon prior 30-day written notice sent to with the title: SUBSCRIPTION CANCELATION. Before the end of the Subscription, the Client will be charged for the targeted but unpaid Super Prospects. It is the sole Client’s responsibility to stop all active advertising campaigns if the Client desires not to target the Prospects anymore. At the same time, all campaigns will be automatically stopped on the 31<sup>st</sup> day upon the cancellation notice receipt date. Also, the Client can manage its subscription through the Supercadence account with no time frames and at any time.


  1. Enterprise Subscription. Payment for the Enterprise Subscription subject to terms of the respective Order.
  2. Professional Subscription. Payment for the Professional Subscription shall be made using credit cards only. Debit cards or any other forms of payment cards are not acceptable. The Client is required to provide a valid credit card at the time of subscription.
  3. Charge Authorization. By providing a bank card for the payment of Services, the Client expressly authorizes Supercadence to charge the card for all subscription fees incurred under the Client’s account, including any taxes, additional charges for upgrades, or fees for exceeding service limits as specified in the Subscription plan.
  4. Bank Card Payment. Subject to the bank card payment method:
    • All payment amounts will be increased by the credit card charge equated to 2.9% of the payment amount, plus 0.3 USD per one transaction, plus 1.5% for international cards, plus 1% if currency conversion is required;
    • Thus, the Client hereby consents that Supercadence shall add the relevant adjustments to invoices to be issued for the Client;
    • If Supercadence (its respective financial institution) fails to charge the Client’s banking card for a money shortage, it’s invalidity, or any other reason, Supercadence may issue a wire transfer (ACH) invoice that the Client agrees to pay following 5 calendar days upon the receipt of the invoice. For this period (until the Invoice is fully paid), the Client retains access to the Platform, but it may not be able to use the Platform’s features.
  5. Taxes. All Services Fees and rates are net amounts and exclusive of any applicable taxes, duties, levies, etc. (except for Supercadence’s corporate income tax), including any kind of withholding taxes whether arising out of an international treaty or national legislation. The Client is obligated to inform Supercadence about the applicability of all possible taxes, duties, levies, or other deductions applicable in the Client’s jurisdiction, and the net invoice amount will be increased respectively. If the Client fails to provide the required information, Supercadence will assume no responsibility, and the Client will compensate for any necessary expenses.
  6. Recurring Payment. The Client may schedule payments to be automatically initiated in a fixed amount according to the Subscription Terms and billing terms outlined in the relevant order of the Client placed through the Platform (the “Recurring Payment”). The Recurring Payment shall be automatically charged from the Client’s banking card by the method and at the recurring intervals it has chosen until the Subscription expires or is terminated in accordance with the Contract. By authorizing the Recurring Payment, the Client authorizes Supercadence to process such payments as charges to the designated account. For the sake of clarity, the Client acknowledges and represents that it understands that: (i) the Recurring Payment is an automatic payment to be charged by a relevant payment system in the favor of Supercadence as payment for the Services; (ii) once charged, such a payment is not refundable; and (iii) the Client may change the way of payment from Recurring Payment to the use-based payment by managing the payment methods in its Supercadence account.
  7. Pre-Authorization and Security Hold. To secure the payment of fees and to ensure uninterrupted service, Supercadence reserves the right to pre-authorize a charge on the Client’s bank card. This may include placing a temporary hold on an amount of funds upon Subscription. The hold will be released in accordance with the card issuer’s policy, and Supercadence will not be responsible for any fees or charges associated with the hold.
  8. Updating Payment Details. The Client is responsible for maintaining up-to-date payment information. If the Client’s bank card expires or is replaced, the Client must update the card information to continue receiving the Services. Failure to update payment information may result in interruption of the Services.
  9. Receipt. Supercadence will provide electronic receipts for all transactions processed under the Client’s account. Invoices will be made available through the Client’s account portal on the Supercadence platform.


  1. No Refund. The Service, including the Subscription, are payable upon their performance. Thus, no Services Fees and other amounts hereunder are refundable except as otherwise provided hereby or by the applicable law. It also means that there are no refunds offered, including, if the Client does not use or partially use the Services, including does not use all the advantages of the Subscription or any feature of the Platform available in accordance with the Subscription (for whatsoever reason), does not access the Platform or accesses it in a limited manner (regardless the reason), does not use the Platform’s feature or use them partially, or otherwise benefit from the Subscription, Platform, or any of the Platform’s feature.

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